Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What should I do if I want to ask about historical data or current loans?

Please read the loan agreement, check email or monthly bank statement containing information about your loan data. If the loan data is not available, please contact your lender directly.

The loan amount, interest and fees are the decision of the lender and we are not authorized to make any cash loan decisions. is not a bank, financial institution, broker, agent or representative of any lender, and we only provide professional services that connect borrowers to a network of lenders.

I need a short term cash loan, can I apply for a Personal Loan?

Yes you can apply for a loan to get the cash you need and it can be used to pay bills for electricity, telephone, home repairs, school fees or other unexpected expenses.

Immediately fill out the loan application and you can receive a cash loan after it is approved as soon as the next business day.

What are the requirements for short-term funding?

The loan approval rate is high with our network of lenders, even if you have a poor credit history.

You will receive a fast cash loan with easy requirements if you meet the following criteria:

  • US citizen
  • 18 years and over
  • Work and receive a steady income
  • Minimum income $800 a month
  • Have a checking account

Requirements other than the above apply according to the lender, adjusted to the criteria of the borrower who has a bad credit history, filed for bankruptcy, bounced checks or other credit problems so that the cash loan application can be approved.

Can I get a cash loan today?

As soon as you meet the requirements and fill out a loan application, the loan process starts as soon as possible.

You will be surprised by the short term loan decision which only takes a few minutes, but there is a check disbursement process for cash available in your bank account.

Don't worry, generally within one day a cash loan business is available to solve your short-term cash problems.

Where should I apply for a loan? provides applications that you can access anytime and anywhere via your home computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone.

You can also apply by phone and call us at: No need to come to the office or wait, just fill in your personal data completely and let us work for you.

Is there a fee? does not charge you any fees, as a professional website we only connect borrowers to lenders directly..

The decision to grant the loan amount, interest and fee is from the lender according to the credit criteria, and you have the right to object to or not accept either part or all of the loan terms.

Is there any privacy protection and personal information I provide? highly values the privacy and security of your personal information. The server used is equipped with an encrypted SSL certificate to ensure data transmission is safe and well authenticated.