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When you need quick cash, a personal loan can come in handy and help you cater for whatever expenses are giving you a headache. With traditional banks cutting down on their loans supply, new sources of lending have emerged. For the small quantity loans, new asset-backed and p2p lenders have entered the scene to play a critical role. Although banks have so far returned to lending, the new regulations they have to abide by have massively reduced their relevance to personal loan borrowers and small and middle-market companies. And the gap that these mainstream lenders have left has piqued the attention of private lenders. When it comes to private lenders, they are perfectly placed to carry the ball that traditional lenders have radically dropped.

What is a direct lender loan?

Director lender is a financial company that originates loans directly to qualified borrowers provided the loans are not for combining or consolidating student loans. In short, direct lender loans are money borrowed directly from an organization or person that has agreed to lend the funds.

The lender offers you money without the help of the middleman. Instead of physically meeting the lender and waiting for all sorts of approvals to be completed in order to receive the cash, direct lender loans allow you to go directly to the source of funding.

Since most direct lender loans are offered via online platforms, borrowers can access them at the comfort of their homes, thus simplifying the entire process of getting the cash they needed.

Note that direct lender loans are different from direct lender payday loans. While the latter loans are also offered directly online, they tend to be high-cost loans for amounts that are due on your next salary.

If you are looking for quick cash for your personal or business expenses, direct online loans can be an appealing option.

Many borrowers that take direct lender loans are usually small to medium enterprises; while lenders are usually wealthy individuals, business development firms, asset management firms, and p2p crowdfunding platforms.

Direct lender loans grew in popularity when banks and other traditional lending institutions were subjected to austere regulations after the infamous financial crisis of 2008/09.

What are the advantages of direct lender loans?

If you are seeking a direct lender loan for whatever purpose, here are some of the benefits you will enjoy working with a direct lender.

Direct access

As the name suggests, direct lenders allow borrowers direct access to the funding source, this does not involve any middleman. This also means you get to communicate with your lender freely without any hurdles and hindrances.

In addition to better communication, there is also a clearer information delivery, which will come in handy when you have some questions or need clarifications about the loan you are about to take.

Direct communication with a lender during the loan application process allows borrowers to understand how this new lending system works.

Quick-release of cash

One of the most significant selling points of direct lending loans is the quick release of cash. Traditional lenders tend to take ages to process a loan. But most direct lenders are available 24/7 and operate through an online platform, which makes the transaction faster and more efficient compared to mainstream lenders.

This way, borrowers spend less amount of time waiting for loan approval and money to be transferred to their accounts.

Direct lenders understand the value of time and will speed up the whole process to ensure that you stay afloat.

Easy application

Since direct lender loans can be applied through an online platform, you can access funds from your mobile device or computer, from your home, beach, office, or wherever you currently are.

Instead of making numerous unhelpful appointments and submitting hard documents during applications, with direct lender loans, all you need to do is answer a few questions and wait for their response.

Instant approvals

Easy application and quick approval are the major features of direct lender loans. Those responses take a few hours to one business day. So without having to wait for weeks after applying for a loan, you will know whether you got approved or not in a matter of hours when dealing with direct lenders.

Flexible terms

Unlike traditional lenders where strictness is the order of the day, direct lenders offer very flexible loan terms and size that most borrowers find favorable.

Direct lenders tend to be more understanding when it comes to interest rates, and if you have a decent credit score, your chances of getting favorable loan terms to increase. But even if you don't have a good credit score, most direct lenders will still find a workable arrangement for you.

You can get working capital

If you run a business, there are times when you need working capital to cater to the daily activities of the business. Most mainstream lending institutions don't give out loans for working capital for small businesses. Thankfully, you can easily acquire this type of loan from a direct lender.

Why Choose Us For Direct Lender Loans

We work with small business

Micro-Enterprise Works has a track record of working with small to medium businesses to help them get working capital to run their day-to-day business activities. If you have been turned down by other lenders, you have come to the right place.

Relationship-focused lender

We focus more on building strong relationships with our borrowers because we go through each application individually. At Micro Enterprise Works, we consider traits of each individual customer unique, something that big lenders rarely do.

We go an extra mile

Our team goes above and beyond to ensure we find the most suitable lending partner to lend you the money you require. Sometimes we call more than 10 lenders to make sure offer our customers the best possible experience.


Our goal at Micro Enterprise Works is to provide affordability, integrity, and professional customer service despite the business dealing we have with you. We believe we do a great job in ensuring our customers get direct lender loans, and we hope after working with you, you will agree too!

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